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GELeration is a synergistic line of professional products developed to deliver optimal results that last for 21+Days. The GELeration System meets JESSICA’s high quality standards to care for the health and growth of natural nails, with ease of application and removal.

The most sophisticated soak-off gel system available, the only gel system to promote healthy natural nails, and Jessica approved for philosophy, technology, and high-quality standards.

  • A synergistic product line developed to deliver optimal manicures and pedicures that last for 21+ days of rich dependable colour!
  • The fastest-curing soak-off gel system on the market; Fantastic color dries in seconds and lasts 21+ days without smudging, chipping or peeling, and leaves absolutely no damage to natural nails.
  • Self-leveling formulas bond to natural nails, while maintaining the ultimate
  • Easy application and simple removal process allow for easy transition between the gel and natural nail manicures to enable your clients to grow healthy, natural nails.
  • GELeration® attracts new and returning clients who have busy lifestyles with a manicure option that is time-saving.
  • JESSICA Custom Nail Colour can be used to touch up the GELeration® manicure if desired because the polishes are compatible with the GELeration® system as well.

What makes GELeration UNIQUE:

  • 7-Free: No Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Xylene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor.
  • Over 160 colours.
  • 21+ day wear.
  • Quickest drying in 10 and 30 secs.
  • Match Gels to normal polish colours.
  • High gloss finish.
  • No chips, smudging or peeling.
  • Can be used with all JESSICA treatment base coats.
  • No odour.
  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly

GELeration Colour Guide

Get STARTED with GELeration


GELeration ESSENTIALS Kit features the key products used to perform the Professional GELeration Soak-Off Gel manicure.


Choose your own customised palette from our range. We recommend you starting a min 12 colours & build your collection as your clientele grows.


Revolutionary PRO LED 30 Lamp is the key system appliance specially designed
to cure
GELeration Soak-Off Gel System.


JESSICA Nail Treatments can to be used under our GELeration system, treating your nails
while looking amazing
with colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we put JESSICA Top Coat Gel Sealer on a JESSICA’s nail enamel? Yes,but it is vital that polish is completely dry first. A completely dry nails takes at least 2 -3 hours.

2. Can we sculpt gel on anyone? Not successfully, be advised problem nails will not last as long as those with good natural nails and nails that are too short may lift or peel.

3. Should we sell a top coat to keep shine on the nails? No, Geleration Gels were developed so they keep their shine and don’t yellow.

4. Is Erase Soak-off Gel Remover really quicker than any other soak-off? Yes, try it and see! If you put hands in Jessica Thermal Mittens, it speeds up removal process.

5. How do we clean the lamp? With an alcohol based product.

6. Does our lamp work with other products and visa versa? Yes as long as other lamps you use are 36 Watts. Please note that there are very inexpensive lights on the market and they may not cure as well. You may have to adjust cure items.

7. Are Gels weaker than acrylics? Yes.

8. Is it true that you can feel a burning sensation with Gels? Only if a nail plate is damaged or very thin will the client be able to feel heat. To overcome this, just remove their finger from the lamp for a few seconds, and then continue.

9. Can you use artificial tips with GELeration? Yes but JESSICA does not recommend this as it can damage the natural nail. Sculpting is an option if you need to extend in cases of a broken nail or special event.

10. Because Gel does not have an odour does this mean it is safer than acrylic? No, Gels are not meant to touch soft tissue, the same as acrylics. Follow application guidelines.

11. Should clients take gels off to let natural nails breathe after a while? No, there is no scientific evidence to suggest a nail needs to ‘breathe’.

12. Why do I sometimes have a problem curing the manicure? There are a few reasons why you may experience difficulty in curing: • Each application must very thin. Many times the application is too thick and experience curing issues. It is always better to apply product sparingly. • Check your UV lamp, make sure it is in good working order. The longer you use the lamp, the more power it loses and dramatically effects curing times. For best results change light bulbs every 3-4 months if using a UV Lamp.

13. Why do I sometimes experience difficulty removing the gels? The longer you have the gels on the nail, the longer they will take to remove. A GELeration manicure of 2 weeks will remove faster than a gel manicure on for 4 weeks. It is also very important to break the seal. If the seal is not filed enough, the gels will not remove easily.

14. Can I fill my gel colour with another bottle of the same colour? We do not recommend this.

15. Can we polish over the gel manicure with JESSICA CUSTOM COLOUR? Yes. If your client’s nail grows quickly, they could apply a coat of the matching JESSICA CUSTOM COLOUR followed by BRILLIANCE to extend the life of the GELeration Manicure.